Theatre battle

Also on the “boards which mean the world“, a course should be set on the 250th anniversary of the Battle of Minden in the scope of the "Theatre battle".

MINDEN 1759 - Theater Project in the districts of Minden

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A touring theater play by and with Dieter Grell performed in the villages and in the  scenes of the battle.

Firebirds or the Battle in the sky of Minden

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Saturday, 1 August 2009, 23.00h, Marketplace Minden
Street Theater to the 250th Anniversary of the Battle of Minden, with the international  street theater ensemble "Titanick"


Fragrance theater premiere to the 250. Anniversary

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Premiere on Sunday the 7th June 2009
A fragrant fairy tale about the magic, cooking, love, and the Battle of Minden


So. 07.06.09 17.00 Premiere 
So. 14.06.09 17.00 
Sa. 20.06.09 17.00 
So. 21.06.09 17.00 
Di. 23.06.09 10.30 
Mi. 24.06.09 13.30 
Sa. 27.06.09 17.00 
So. 28.06.09 17.00 
Mo. 29.06.09 13.30 
Di. 30.06.09 10.30

Fort A
Festungsstraße, Minden


Street theatre “Welcome – Bienvenue – Willkommen”

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In the scope of a street theatre project the cultural approach which brings people together will once again be seized upon. The focus of this is stars, which have a high symbolic power as a symbol of states and state communities especially for Europe.

“Rampenloch 798-1759-2009” of the Tucholsky stage

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During the home play in Minden planned as a special performance for 2009 “Rampenloch 798 - 1759 - today!“, famous personalities which had a hand in the history of Minden will visit the widely known and long established brothel “Am Rampenloch”: there the Battle of Minden will be depicted in the style of football reporting and of course there will be a place for the story of Heinrich Lohrmann, who transported secret messages in 1759.