Battle fields of art

For centuries great battles have inspired representatives of fine arts and directors to create rich imagery, whereby until the modern age war was shown from the perspective of power. It was only later that art and film showed another perspective of war, from the point of view of the victim.

How did fine arts and film deal with the huge epochal conflicts in the past? Artistic contributions should be formulated from a current point of view. We are thinking of artistic contributions from all areas of fine arts, including public spaces i.e. Minden squares and streets and churches and public buildings.

It is also planned to include the existing artists partnership with the London artists group ”East London Printmakers“ in the project.


Kunstausstellung „Guns And Roses“

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Offene Kirche St. Simeonis, 29. Juli – 13. September 2009
Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009, 18.00 Uhr - Eröffnung
Sonntag, 13. September 2009, 17.00 Uhr - Finissage zum Tag des offenen Denkmals


Exhibition project "battlegrounds" in the Minden City area

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The Minden Marketing GmbH and the Association of Contemporary Art in the county of Minden-Lübbecke arrange a competition of artists in the the anniversary year 2009 whose results will be shown in the public space of the city of Minden from July to August. The exhibited works artistically deal with the theme "battlegrounds".

“Battle fields - Film art”

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On the historical anniversary the range of films showing in the Minden cultural centre BÜZ is not primarily targeted at large format films, rather they are showing formats which allow authentic perspectives on the theme of "War" and therefore seize upon the “people binding“ conceptual thoughts using the medium of film art.

Historical art post office “Forever friends in Europe“

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Orientated towards the originals of post transfer 250 years ago, new bridges will be made between the cultural and historical conflict with the Battle of Minden, using new age postal artistic elements in the historical art post office. The art post office will also convey historical knowledge and combine historical payments with Dadaistic aspects and create a bridge with mail art. This in turn opens up an international platform for the interpretation of the theme of peace, and active inclusion and participation of the guests in Minden 2009.

International mail art project “No war in my town”

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In the light of the battle in 1759, the mail art project 2009 is about seizing on the theme of peace even in an international context. Under the caption “No war in my town“, over 400 original mail art contributions will be displayed in an exhibition at the Minden town hall on the occasion of the 250th anniversary, which are contained in the peace book which was awarded the “Prix du Livre Cartophile” prize in Paris. There are contributions from France, England and around 15 other countries.

Intercultural and international performance festival

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Performance artists from Great Britain, France, Germany and all over the world will be guests within the walls of the old fortress. The focus will be the “Minden rose”, which every artist will keep to hand and use in their performance as a motif under the motto “La vie en rose“.