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250 years Battle of Minden - You can experience it live! For all people not coming from Minden we offer a special package for tourists. 

Besides the Battle of Minden this city is more than recommendable and always worth a visit!


Offer "250 years Battle of Minden"

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With the 250th Anniversary of the Battle of Minden the remarkable city at river Weser awaits you in summer 2009 with an extraordinary program at any time and with historic sights, events centered around history and culture as well as other tourist attractions. Especially for the 250. Anniversary of the Battle of Minden, we offer a travel package for friends of history.



Minden: Remarkable at any time!

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Obviously, Minden is not only worth a visit on the occasion of the celebrations of the 250th Anniversary of the Battle of Minden. The city offers a high level of cultural diversity and active city life all year long, all seasons. The surrounding area is also ideal for excursions. Whether you are interested in history, an active vacation or just head for a walk through the  historical old town: The Minden marketing offers a wide range of tourist services on its website, from day trips to weekend packages. Click for a look at the tourist sites of Minden.