Against all expectations the coalition's outnumbered army of the Britons against the French elite army on 1st August 1759. For Prussia the threat from the West was defunct and so they were able to grow to a European super power.

The tide turned in favour of the Britons in world politics since 1.8.1759. After the first war which involved the whole world, Canada and India were British colonies, and Great Britain was the dominating power in Europe. On 1st August 1759 world history was written before the gates of Minden.

Even today the day of "the battle of the roses" (the winners decorated themselves with wild roses after their victory), is celebrated in Great Britain, North America and Canada. Accordingly “Minden Day“ is celebrated in England, USA and Canada and the tradition is kept alive in various ways.

Numerous places with the name “Minden“ on the North American continent show even today the significance of the battle of Minden on world history.