"Between gun smoke and the scent of roses"

At the end of July 2009 Minden will be taken back to the year 1759. Because in the festival week before the 1st August the visitors will meet soldiers, aristocrats, citizens, farmers, traders, beggars and showmen from a long forgotten time. Soldiers on foot and on horse have pitched their camp in the historical town.

You can experience excercise and shooting practices as well as military drills in Minden during these days before -the battle as well as everyday life in 1759. Because Minden will become a historical stage: a historical market, Commedia dell’Arte theatre and you will be able to experience numerous facets of everyday life in Minden in 1759 over these few days.

And on 1st August in Minden you can get the impression of what it was like to be at war. Cannon thunder and gun smoke, cavalry, infantry and bayonettes, war victims and endless suffering - scenic representations give a historically authentic insight into warfare and background about the Battle of Minden on 1st August 1759.