250 year anniversary of the Battle of Minden: the exhibition


Exhibition 250th anniversary of the Battle of Minden

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Scientific investigations by the University of Hanover and exhibition at the Minden Museum of History, Regional Studies and Folklore
The 250th anniversary of the Battle of Minden will be reinforced by a scientific co-operation project by the Minden Museum and the Lower Saxony University of Hanover, where the significance of the battle for the town and regional historical developments will be processed and documented in an exhibition.


Exhibition in the Prussian Museum NRW Minden

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„Prussia’s laboratory of the modern age: the Westphalian provinces between the Battle of Minden and the French Revolution “ from 26th July 2009 until 17th January 2010

In the Western fringes of the Prussian monarchy new paths into social and school politics were made after 1750, which the bourgeois era of the 19th century prepared. Civil servants who were eager for reform like Heinitz, Stein, Vincke and Sack suggested new developments and gained experience, which gained in significance for the whole state after the fundamental reform of Prussia after 1807. Even in the military areas, Westphalia and its neighbouring state Schaumburg-Lippe were testing areas for new tendencies, which were amalgamated as a focal point in the Battle of Minden (1.8.1759).  

„When North Rhine-Westphalia was Prussian“ from 13th September 2009 til 17th January 2010

The event of the Battle of Minden is now embedded in the larger contexts of Prussian history in the West. The Prussia Museum NRW documents the long Prussian history of North Rhine-Westphalia with selected objects and listening stations. The ways of Prussia in the modern era often led straight over its Western areas.